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Brighttime Intertrade Ltd.,Part.

We are Brighttime Intertrade Limited Partnership, manufacturer and exporter of Thai instant food.      
Our company exports extensively on worldwide basis under “3 Chef's”brand. We are committed to developing the Thai food business to the international level and with a vision that is far ahead of the business more stable.The company is constantly developing our products.We are recognizing the importance of consumers in terms of quality and standards. 
Our customers must be safe from consumption.We continually research each consumer market to innovate and make new products to meet the needs of our customers.The standard that the company has certified the international quality system are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), HALAL(حلال)‎
Our products are highly accepted by consumers.We have exported our products to many countries around the world.We produce and supply Seasoning Products, Curry Products, Sauce Products,Noodle Products, Flour Products, etc.

  Vision:The company is committed to the development of personnel.
To develop the creative products,             clean 
and good quality to meet the needs of consumers.
Mission:To support Thai foods to the world kitchen.

We are exporting to :
Europe: Sweden, Norway, Germany
Asia: Philippines, Japan, Singapore, UAE.
North America: U.S.A., Canada
Oceania: New Zealand, Australia
Africa: Morocco 
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